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At Unique Elegant Seating we believe our customers deserve furniture fit for a King. Our heart and soul is put into every piece of furniture we create.
Unique Elegant Seating was founded 35 years ago as a high end refinishing and re-upholstery boutique.
We gained invaluable knowledge from upgrading furniture from many manufacturers.
This led us to search the world for finest European natural wood
and build a plant to fabricate the most exquisite furniture from the best quality wood & materials available.
Today, Unique Elegant Seating is a manufacturing facility dedicated to the highest standards in custom woodworking and unique custom fabrics.
Our pallet and design concepts are limitless, each and every hand-crafted item that leaves our showroom is a masterpiece fit for a King or Queen.
We opened our showroom with the experience and knowledge needed to create true pieces of art, utilizing only the highest quality solid wood and materials.
For over 20 years our dedicated table and chair production facility has been constructed to cater to all of our customers wants and needs.
Crafting our chairs with fabrics from exclusive manufacturers such as Kravet, Robert Allen, fabricut, Stroheim, and many more,
each customer will leave our showroom knowing they have designed the Dining Room of their dreams .

Our motto is : “Turning Your Dreams Into Royal Creations”.
The Unique Elegant Seating Family

Manufacturing Process


At Unique Elegant Seating our masterpieces are created using only top quality solid wood such as Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood, and African Wood. The manufacturing process begins in our European woodworking facility. The wood is hand crafted, molded, shaped, and cut, until all of our quality control inspection points are met. Our woodworking facility allows us to customize every nuance of the table design such as size, inlay, and wood-grain. The facility provides us with the perfect canvas for creating your masterpiece. Upon arrival at our local showroom, master craftsmen begin to form the final product. The all natural wood goes through a detailed sculpting and meticulous smoothing process, creating the finest beveled edges and the sharpest inlay. Custom tints are created utilizing our specialized staining technique, creating the perfect blend and balance between the wood grain and inlay. This process is repeated multiple times until perfection is achieved. The table is completed with coats of sealer, toner, and lacquer, finishing a masterpiece that will maintain its perfection for many years to come.


Our showroom offers a vast collection of Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary chair styles. All of our chairs are made from the highest quality all natural Beachwood. Upholstering with thousands of fabric choices from companies such as Kravet, Robert Allen, Stroheim, Fabricut and many more, the chairs of your dreams come to reality. Our unparalleled chair fabrication process enables us to personalize the size, shape, color, and feel of each individual chair. By customizing the chair’s height, or the firmness of the back and seat cushions, each person at your table will feel as if they are sitting on their own throne. Upon arrival from Europe each chair goes through a meticulous finishing process, ensuring the tone of wood grain and lacquer are worthy of an eye popping masterpiece. Our artisans weave and hand stitch customized fabric support webbing for each chair. Hi-density memory foam is molded and shaped for each applicable seat cushion, contouring to our customer’s taste. The artisan affixes the chosen upholstery to the cushion, and attaches it to the finished chair frame. For the final touch we apply decorative piping, gold or platinum striping, and customized hardware completing your Unique Elegant Seating work of art.

Each of our finished products is subject to the customer’s dreams, as our motto goes “We Turn Your Dreams Into Royal Creations”

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